Expats in Warsaw

Relocation to Warsaw may be nice and easy. The city offers everything that's expacted from an aspiring modern Europen city. What is more, relocationg to Warsaw is a chance to witness the economical growth and growing wealth of one, of the biggest Europen Union countries. Here are some some useful information about this fantastic and openminded city, which is the capital city of Poland. Expats in Warsaw are quickly surprised how Poland has transformed into a warm and welcoming country.


When visiting Warsaw for the first time, you will be amazed looking at modern skyscrapers right next to horrifying communist buildings and historic tenement houses. Warsaw is a city  of a terrible history. Once you know it – you will understand.

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During II World War 85% of the city  was destroyed. The reconstruction plan was developed by  the group of architects in collaboration with the historians of art, basing on the preserved images of Warsaw. On 2nd September 1980 the Old Town in Warsaw was added to  The World Heritage List of UNESCO as „…an extraordinary example of the entire reconstruction of historic complex”.

Worth seeing:

The Museum of Warsaw Uprising
The Old Town
The Historic Museum of  Warsaw
The Museum of History of Polish Jews
The Royal Castle
The Łazienki Park
The palace in Wialnów


Everyday Warsaw invites to various unusual events: concerts, performances, openings, open-air events, sport shows.
For those tired of doing the sightseeing, there are a  vast array of pubs, whereas  people yearning for the night entertainment  can spend an unforgettable evening in one of many clubs and casinos.

Worth seeing:

The palace of Culture and Science
The Zachęta Gallery
The museum of Frederic Chopin
The National Philharmony
The grand Theatre – The National Opera
The Copernicus Science Centre
Garden on the rooftop of the Libary of the University of Warsaw


Expats in Warsaw usually wonder what are the costs of living in Warsaw. Thankfully Warsaw, is still less expensive than major cities like Paris, London. Nevertheless it is still not a cheap place to live as it used to be.
There is a couple of expat's districts in Warsaw with apartments and houses of a much higher standard than average.  Typical apartments of a higher standard will be found mostly in the newly built district i.e. Powisle, Mokotow or Wilanow. You can also find lots of newly built houses just in the middle of the older, now rejuvenating typical communistic districts. Although many expats arriving to Warsaw would love to live in a historical house near the Old Town, in most cases these apartments do not meet the needs of expats, especially due to unreconstructed staircases and inner patios which give a feeling of a neglected area. However talk to your realtor as more and more of the houses are being reconstructed and hence create a wonderful fit for expats who are single or couples without children. 

The rent prices varies depending on the location and standard of the property. Enjoy your house search!